Holding On & Letting Go

We often find ourselves in this dilemma.  There's something in our life we've—at one point—determined to hold onto, to steward, to keep safe, to hide as a treasure.  Time goes by and we begin to realize we've got to loosen our grip, possibly even turn it loose completely.  But how can we justify to ourselves ... Continue Reading →

Are You Docu-Mentoring?

Strap in for the ride.  This is going to be a bit longer than I usually share with you.  Reason being, I sourced the net for a list of attributes for a treatise on Mentoring.  I want to address the process from both sides, first, providing insights into the etiquette of being mentored and, second,... Continue Reading →

…And Then There Were Six

One father.  One mother.  Two sons.  Two daughters.  And a void that could only ever be filled by a twenty-something-year-old daughter. We're all still working through this loss.  It may take us quite a while to find our 'new normal', yet we're navigating toward it.  One of the most important aspects of finding our healing... Continue Reading →

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