Are You a Book-Lover?

  Do you thrive on the physical tactile sensation of holding a book in your hands and actually flipping the pages to read, versus doing so on a tablet or phone as a simulation of the real act?  Does turning each page solidify for you the progress you're making toward reaching the conclusion of a... Continue Reading →

Righteously Indignant

I find myself wanting to be angry over the death of my youngest daughter.  I want to be angry.  ANGRY!  But at who?  Not my daughter.  Not at my wife.  Not at any of the rest of our family.  Not at friends or the community. The devil, our adversary.  That’s who I want to be... Continue Reading →

Just Up Ahead

I have a feeling that it’s just up ahead, The turnoff to the new place I’m being led. Just out of reach and just out of sight, The long road I’ve traveled turns to the right. It goes to the final grand destination, But my heart skips a beat, a small hesitation. Will I see... Continue Reading →

The Mind of a Young Writer

  I used to see things in the clouds.  And then one day, I realized I didn't anymore.  I was hanging out with my daughter and she pointed into the sky and said, "Daddy, look!  A bunny!"  For the life of me, I had to strain to make it out; the puffy white water particles... Continue Reading →

Time is Money 

Do you get paid to do the job you’re working at right now?  What would you do if your boss / company didn’t pay you for all that effort?  Would you sit around and scratch your head wondering why?  Would you have a nice little discussion with the owner of the purse strings to find... Continue Reading →

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I need to make you aware of possible Identity Thieves. If you look for my book(s) and search out reviews, you may stumble across a growing number of Phishing sites that very likely will use your Sign-In information to do you harm.  I don’t want that for you.  Or for anyone, actually.  Life is complicated... Continue Reading →

Where’s Your Happy Place?

Where do you like to write your stories? Each of us has certain preferences for what feels comfortable and allows the creative juices to flow.  Some of us don’t care one whit where we’re writing, as long as we have the tools to write.  Do you need to have everything ‘just so’ before you can... Continue Reading →

Hear Yourself Talk

Something I read recently: Being a musician … is first and foremost about observation. Playing an instrument well has far less to do with innate physical gifts than it does with a highly developed ear.  Effective practice involves knowing what you want to produce, and then remorselessly noting the ways in which what you are... Continue Reading →

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