…And Then There Were Six

One father.  One mother.  Two sons.  Two daughters.  And a void that could only ever be filled by a twenty-something-year-old daughter. We're all still working through this loss.  It may take us quite a while to find our 'new normal', yet we're navigating toward it.  One of the most important aspects of finding our healing... Continue Reading →

Are You a Book-Lover?

  Do you thrive on the physical tactile sensation of holding a book in your hands and actually flipping the pages to read, versus doing so on a tablet or phone as a simulation of the real act?  Does turning each page solidify for you the progress you're making toward reaching the conclusion of a... Continue Reading →

Righteously Indignant

I find myself wanting to be angry over the death of my youngest daughter.  I want to be angry.  ANGRY!  But at who?  Not my daughter.  Not at my wife.  Not at any of the rest of our family.  Not at friends or the community. The devil, our adversary.  That’s who I want to be... Continue Reading →

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